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Things to Tell Touz [entries|friends|calendar]
Things To Tell Touz

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[December 25, 2007 ]

[ mood | excited ]


Andy proposed!!

We're engaged!!!!!

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[December 21, 2007 ]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Andy gave me an early Christmas surprise. Dinner at the Olive Garden. He also bought me a couple more things. *scowls*

I'm working Monday from 9:30-2:30, so only 5 hours, YAY! We're going to be so frickin' busy...I really don't want to work it...but I need to to get SOME money. Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz are having everyone over around 4:30....so I just need to know Andy's family's plans. Depending on what time they're doing it...I dunno if I'll make it to Mike and Liz's. Hmmm... I don't know, cos I'd feel bad showing up after all that and being the only one left...ya know? And I don't want to hold them up.
All I know for sure is I'll be sleeping over there. I don't care if the inital reasons have changed. I want to sleep in his arms.

I bought Andy a Christmas card. I don't usually do that, but I saw this one...and just had to get it cos it's us. It really is. "Our Song" by Taylor Swift is also us. We both listened to it and thought of each other. Andy just told me that today. I was all "awwwwwwww" cos I had the same thought the first time I heard it.

Night night and Merry Christmas Touz

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[December 17, 2007 ]

[ mood | dorky ]

HI TOUZLE! I am so wanting to move down there, like, last week. It's nice and white and pretty and all, but it's also SO COLD. I dunno. Read on....

I'm done shopping for Andy. He, on the other hand, seems to think now's the time to REALLY get the stuff. He's already spent over $600 on me (I gave him a $500 limit), and still says he needs more. Sigh. I'm flattered, but a little flustered as well. He laughs when he tells me about different prices. Appearantly my face betrays my thoughts of "I'm going to kill him." to "Awww, he loves me that much" and then "Oh My God...he spent HOW MUCH?!"

The plan for Christmas Eve is Midnight Service with Andy and his family, then spending the night at their place, which would be nice, to be honest. Especially since I'd just be going between the two houses anyway on Christmas, lol. Doing that would be MUCH easier on the gas tank than church with them, home, then to Andy's and then back home on Christmas day....and that's if we're not going anywhere else.

It looks like I'll have an "official" engagement by summer time. *squee* According to Andy....he's already started making payments on the engagement ring. He claims that he should be finished paying it off by the end of March. I'm kind of in between super-excited and not getting my hopes up in case of circumstances and stuff.

In other news....the politicians have started disrupting my daily plans. Clinton and Edwards were in Davenport today, blocking off the fastest route to Andy's house. Sigh. When will all this be over??? *whines*

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[December 11, 2007 ]

lol, Touzypie, I just had to share this with you. Cos...well, the blame/credit for my Twilight obsession is on you. Anyway, I checked out Stephanie Meyer's website, and she said that when she was writing Edward, she pictured him as Henry Cavill.

That had me FLOORED. Then I laughed so hard!

Henry Cavill was the guy I pictured when I was writing Nikolai Vannacutt (remember him? My old RP charrie?)! lol! and now I can't help laughing at the idea of Nikolai as a vampire. It's just too funny, and he's nowhere as sweet as Edward is. Edward's a catch, Nik's just...lol, someone I would never want to marry.

nik_vannacutt < See? lol. He does make a gorgeous Edward, though. OOH, have you seen Tom Sturridge? That's another guy who would make a brilliant Edward *bounces*

[December 08, 2007 ]

I think you've stopped checking this, so I'm going to keep posting so you can have a pleasant surprise when you get on one of these days. Anyway, you're not on this morning... and here I am. Actually, no one is on, which is fine. I should be writing. Stephanie says to write a little every day, you know, and Stephanie is my new guru. If she can write a book, edit it, find an agent, and get a publishing contract in 6 months, she must know SOMETHING, right?

Maybe I will write after this. Yes. Good idea.

I had to work until really late last night (like 10:30ish) but Misti was having a party here at the apartment. So I made some people go see a movie with me after work, just to avoid all her friends. That's pretty bad, isn't it? Maybe I should grow up already :).

I'll see you TOMORROW. Yay.
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[December 06, 2007 ]

Ugh, you've got me so spoiled. I took a nap today because I knew you wouldn't be on anyway, but I've been on for 10 minutes and Fona isn't on and Kris isn't feeling well and I'm thinking "Man, I'm bored. Why can't Ty be on all the time for me?" Because obviously it's all about me. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that when you first "came back", it was so EXCITING to have you on. But now I'm spoiled and I want to talk to you all the time. Hehe.

I started that story we were talking about, and I've decided something about it. I read on Stephanie's website and elsewhere that you can't worry about publication but have to just write for yourself. So I'm going to write this for YOU and for ME, and you can tell me its great and then you can help me edit it and fix it up. Seriously. You and Kris will be editors.
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[December 06, 2007 ]

Andy threatened to buy a $5000 ring. Actually, he told me he did it. I nearly killed him. In Walmart. Think they would have noticed?

He didn't, thank God, but he has spent $670 on me already. I haven't broken $100 yet. But I know he wants and will like what I've bought him. I'm debating on a Bears URLACHER Jersey or Katie's Pledge. I dunno. I'm leaning toward Katie's Pledge cos he was in ROTC with her, they were friends.

How is your holiday season going? I'm hoping to come out of it alive and able to pay for school. $186 due for next semester on Next Friday. I have a week. Pray for me. Please.

Have you gotten A Brad Pailsey Christmas yet?
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[December 03, 2007 ]

Oh and also... my tooth still hurts, and that makes me really cranky. I have really sensitive teeth, and it hurt for about two weeks last time. Ugh ugh ugh.

Hey. You started a Twilight RP without me. I... am deeply wounded by this. Hehe.
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[December 03, 2007 ]

[ mood | content ]

There are like... 200 things that I always think "when I talk to Touz next, I'll tell her..." and then we are around but not really talking, or we're just passing each other, or mostly... I forget. I do taht one a lot.

So... a few...

1.) Last week, I was chatting with one of the little boys that used to be in my class. His mom is pregnant, and so I said, "When is your baby coming, Jared?" His mom is due in February, so he told me "after the Valentine's cards." Pretty cute answer. Then he said, "And when is your baby coming?"

Well. I know that kids are really egocentric, and he didn't mean anything by it, but it made me laugh. I enjoyed telling people that, because my response was, "Not for a long, long time, Jared."

2.) I'm sponsoring a little girl for the year, and I buy her things like seasonal clothes, school supplies, and presents. I just bought her the winter stuff and two Christmas presents, and as I was checking out, the guy was REALLY chatty. Too chatty. I hate chatty, especially early Saturday morning when I haven't showered and am wearing sweats. I just want to go home. So he asked me something about my little girl liking pink. Hm. I could either explain it, or let it slide and let him think I have a little girl. I let it slide. Next thing I know, Mr. Chatty keeps talking, and I keep letting it slide, and I have a long conversation with him about "my little girl."

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Touz for Halloweeeeeeen! [October 31, 2007 ]

[ mood | bouncy ]


I'm you for Halloweeeeeeen! hehe.

Well. I was a bassist for trick or treating for real. But. For MSN Trick or Treating I've gone as youuuuuuuu!!!

Not because you're scary. But because I can play you so well. And I wanted to go trick or treating and get virtual candy so I had to dress up as SOMETHING I could do well and easily. SO. I became you. (Meaning my screen name says "I'm Touz," I have your display picture, I have your personal message, I have your font and font color, and I talk like you.) So. For the rest of my time on the computer I shall continue to be you for Halloween. HOORAY!

I love and miss you, Touzifuliciousness. I've still been praying for you. ♥♥♥

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[October 29, 2007 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Touzy love!

Me and my mommy went kitty hunting yesterday, moreover just to scope out what was available locally and stuff, annnnnd I fell in love with an AWESOME little black and slightly tabby/occicat patterned boy! (He could or could not outgrow that though, its too soon to know just yet) He’s just barely 8 weeks old, has blue and gray eyes (not sure exactly what color they will be when he’s older, but my bet is on blue-ish, cause I sense a little Siamese in him and w00t!) I’ve named him Onyx, cause he looks like a little Onyx jewel, and his eyes look like little sapphire gems, so I thought Onyx and the symbolism of a jewel fit bahaha. He’s already responding to it actually, so I think it’s a good name. And it equals out to 21, 2+1=3, so I think he won’t have any bad karma like poor Salem.

He is practically Salem incarnate, though. I can’t get over how very much like him he is. He kisses, he shnuggles, he purrs almost constantly (especially with me), he does the paw thing, where he grabs my fingers and clenches them, he kept me up with playing on me and sleeping on me practically all night (I had to kip in the office with him, cause he whines if I leave him alone and I didn’t have time to kitty proof my room, though I’m sure any effort in that department would be a pure and utter waste of time, cause he’ll just figure out the weak spots and trample over all my barriers and =O) and he whines and whines and whines if I’m not devoting every ounce of my attention to him. And he’s smart. I mean, REALLY freaking smart. And mischievous. He’s a SlytherClaw, like me! xD 

Well, here’s a piccie!:

I’ll try and get more, but... I may have to sharpen my photography skills and train this little bugger to sit still long enough for the camera to take a decent photo (the idiot who designed it made it to where the photo isn’t taken immediately after pressing the button, but five seconds thereafter, and the only way I’m getting a good photo of Mr. hyper over here is if God himself paused time – and if I can figure out how to disable flash too, so his eyes don’t go quite so radical as above LMAO).

M’not doing any photos of me and him together until my chipmunk cheek stops being swollen on the left side from the wisdom teeth surgery I had on Saturday though, cause I look absolutely hideous. Which reminds me, Nitrous Oxide before Intravenous General Anesthetic kicks butt! It’s like O_________O “HOMG I’M FLYING!!!” And then they stick you with an IV (Which, they had to do a total of six times, each with a five minute digging period before finally striking liquid gold in the opposite arm from whence they began - they even tried my wrist, and failed, for God's sake! *Sigh* Extremely small and roll-prone veins suck. And then like, you wake up all “huh? Done already?!” xD)

So yeeeeeeep. Just recouping and trying to get used to mummying a little kittykinns again. This of course will mean no working or hard-core college time for about four to six months, possibly even a year, cause I just can’t leave him alone to have free reign of the house for hours on end until he’s at least half a year and a little bigger. It would just be naive and foolish for me to do that, particularly since my mom’s Chihuahua, Shadow, doesn’t seem particularly taken with him... yeeeeeaaaaah. Work/college can wait. =D

I really can’t wait until we find the right kitty to be Onyx’s little brother within this or the next week, and no longer than a month hopefully. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to find a classic silver tabby/occicat domestic short hair somewhere (most likely from the pound), cause I think Magnus/Cobalt/Glacious for a kitty like that would just totally rock the casbah. But I’m in no hurry, this little one’s keeping me plenty busy for now... LOL.


Well, I hope you’re doing well my Touzle and that everything’s going good! Lemme know how things are and stuffers. *HuggleLovethClingethlikewhoa* ♥♥♥♥♥

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[October 13, 2007 ]

[ mood | mischievous ]

BAHAHAH. GRANDPA XD I've been thinking SO much about youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I'm in Turkey right now! It's soooo fuuun! We got to go to these pretty castles and palaces. There's this palace where the staircase's handles are made of pure crystals O: I was shocked.

BUT! What shocks me moostt are the boyysss. -giggles- I swear Turks have pretty pretty PRETTYY MEN.

I dunno why I've been thinking of you, must be cause I miss you LOADSSS <33333333333

So ya xD pretty guys who flirt with you make you feel so darn shmexy. -SNORT-


Wizzie. <3

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[October 09, 2007 ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay so I've decided to start a new entry for our conversation because I feel really behind. hehe.

I don't know what college... or what kind... I guess at the moment I want any college that has an aviation program since I want to be a pilot. =D Suggestions?

Anyway, yesterday I was out to eat at a restaurant and Brad came on. My mom and brother were talking and I realized it was him and I whispered "Awwwwww, Brad..." and my brother looked at me and he was like "Wait, I thought you hated country?" And I said, "It's not country. It's Braaaaaaad. There's a difference."

The end. hehehe.

I love the Touzifuliciousness. ♥♥♥

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[October 04, 2007 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]



'Cause online I'm out in Hollywood
I'm 6 foot 5 and I look damn good
I drive a Maserati
I'm a black-belt in karate
And I love a good glass of wine
It turns girls on that I’m mysterious
I tell them I don't want nothing serious
'Cause even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online



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[October 02, 2007 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

We did some plotting, and I came up with this new character... and it's going to be so drama and it's going to be so GOOD. Oh. I can't wait. Al... might hit him. And the best part... he's a teacher. OH SNAP THAT IS SO ILLEGAL. *dies*

Watching season 3 of The Office... some highlights:

This is from the Beach episode, which MIGHT be my favorite. You'll see why. Don't pee your pants.


The other HP reference I could find... Michael is trying to convince them that prison is worse than working at Dunder-Mifflin. Oh how I want a Dunder-Mifflin t-shirt. Did you know I go to Mifflin church? That has to mean something.


And I totally watched Ep. 1 of the new season on YouTube. EEEE. Let us fangirl together when next we meet.

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[September 27, 2007 ]

So I was reading today, and there was an article about fish: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070914/ap_on_sc/trout_from_salmon

I've kind of run into you a few times 'round TDS lately, but I haven't had time to really TALK to you at all. Did you watch The Office tonight? I didn't... I suck. We watched CSI instead, which like... totally didnt' even have a mystery to solve in it. WHAT'S THE POINT?

I've hit the point... where I hate my RP characters. I know we all do it, but it's EARLY for me to hate them already. Ella is dead boring and not at all what I picture in my mind, and Tacey is going to end up being mean. And Jack is young. He'll be okay. I might create a character just to muck with the golden couple... because I want to. Oh gosh... save me. *cling*

I'm kind of sicky, but not really... but I'm definitely tired. Let's go sleeeeeeeeep.
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[September 23, 2007 ]

[ mood | giggly ]

I love you, Touzifuliciousness. =D

I don't have anything else to say besides that. Hehe. Oops. But... seriously. I wanted to say that. ^_^

I miss your head hugs. hehehe.

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[September 21, 2007 ]

So, my computer is still out of commission, please don't think I'm trying to avoid TD and RPing with you all, I just don't have the link, and am just keeping the patience to mod on SS with my dad's slow-bum computer (and I don't have the link on here, which would just be deleted whenever the dumb thing shuts down). With any luck, mine will be back this weekend with everything still on it. Worst-case scenario is I get it back with NOTHING on it. I will die. Seriously. The last 2 years of my life are on that thing. *scurred*

Now that the public service announcement is out of the way...haha HI TOUZLE! *waves*

Andy sang White and Nerdy and Ring of Fire for me tonight. I love him. I do. He dreams big, and I don't want to discourage that, but it makes me scared. He says something about 3 years before Ming (M = Marriage/marrying, E = engagement, H = Honeymoon, etc). But then said something about planning the H. *stares* He kinda sorta wanted to E tonight, but added in eventually, which I reminded him of constantly. More to keep me on the ground than anything. I'm terrified of this whole thing exploding in my face. Oh well. He held my hands and helped me to stop crying. He's a sweetheart.

I'm pretty sure Meagan knows. She and her mom gave us dirty looks at Jewel the other day. They both can kiss my butt. She ditched him, she messed with his mind constantly, and he isn't nearly as bad or annoying as she seemed to want me to think. His other ex, Bobbie Sue, has told him that I won and she won't try to win him back. He told me I had won, and I just looked at him and said "I didn't know I was competing" I didn't! This was the girl Meagan was SO SURE he had cheated on her with....and I wasn't worried.

Andy's also talking about taking me to Savannah (totally his idea. I swear it) sometime soon. HE was thinking New Years, but I know that won't fly. I'm not working Christmas Eve or Christmas, I SHOULD work New Years. Maybe this spring. Or something. Dunno yet.

I LOVE YOU TOUZLE DEAR. Talk to you more laters. Bye byes
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[September 19, 2007 ]

sooooooo how's it going?....I haven't posted in a while since I was away in NY and I came back really depressed (no idea why.....mmm) so I haven't been online at all and I'm sure everyone's liked "where the heck is he?" but I did have a spotty/Ty moment the other day, I was driving to the gym (cause that's what I do when depressd.......) and I turned on the radio and Brad was on singing "check you for ticks" and just as I heard it something caught my eye out of the window and it was the moon coming out from behind the clouds. Of course it was "smiling" at me and I thought, "I wonder how she's doing?" I read that you were looking for a church (or thinking about it) and feeling that you might get a job waiting tables but how are YOU doing? I always read about "what" you're doing but are you happy? glad you moved? you don't have to tell me or anyone else here about it but I want you to know that I worry about you all the time......spotty (smiling back at the moon)
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[September 17, 2007 ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hii Touzaren! It's Stimpy obviously. So I wanted to let you know what was going down with me since we haven't spoken in AGES. ^__^

I've been in University for a month now and I am so LOVING it. The people here are so friendly and it seems like no one cares about what they did in high school. I've done some fun things like sliding on the floor of my dorm hall in my socks and singing Brad songs with my roomie. (She ADORES him of course)

OMG funny story. I was shopping with my friends the other day, right? I locked myself out of the dressing room and I had to slide back under the door of the dressing room on my belly. It was so HILARIOUS. I know you would have died laughing if you would have seen it.

Stimp hearts Touzaren <3

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